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About the team

As we have been going for almost two years now! we thought perhaps it was time to introduce the people behind the Coop - this is the team (plus lots of support from our lovely members who volunteer to help in the organising of events!).

Chris James

Creative lead

Chris is a founder member and provides a lot of the creative thinking for the Coop. He organises mini-exhibitions and leads the En Plein Air outings

Clare Hines

Secretary & Admin team

Clare is a founder member and provides some serious organising for the Coop - website; membership and events.

Jessy Plant

Exhibition guru

Jessy is a founder member and though is not as involved just now, she provides all of our exhibitions with amazing curation.

Marisa Tomassini

Social Media team

Marisa has just taken over our social media activity - Artist Spotlights; members, exhibitions and work; and will be putting her own stamp on our on-line presence!

We are keen to develop projects where artists group together around shared themes to form an exhibition, pooling skills across the network. This work is very voluntary, our key aim being ‘artists supporting each other’. We are happy to accept members who simply want to be part of the group – it is not essential to show. If you are an artist who would like to join the Cooperative, please get in touch.

Since launching the concept of the non-profit making Stroud Artists’ Cooperative, our numbers have expanded to 67 Full members and around 90 Associate members - a diverse group of artists of varying genres, ages and ability levels, who have signed up to participate in the group.

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