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Welcome Artists

Welcome to the Stroud Artists Cooperative - we are a networking group for local artists. If you are considering becoming a member, there are only two real criteria - that you are creating original pieces and that you are a local artists living in or contributing to the cultural activities of Stroud, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds etc.  We try to provide opportunities for our members - either to take part in events aimed at showing and selling your original artworks (whatever form that takes), or to provide opportunities for learning (usually from each other - we have some great skills and knowledge in our group!). As a networking group, we do expect our members to fully participate and give as much to the network as they take - we are a very inclusive group!

There are three levels of membership:

  1. Full membership - full benefits of being part of a vibrant artists cooperative, included discounted rates for our events; listing on our website; promotion and support by the Cooperative.

  2. Associate membership - free membership for artists and will get notified of forthcoming events but will be charged the full rate for event participation etc.

  3. Community member - for anyone who is interested in keeping in touch with what the Cooperative is up to - including our workshops for the public, art fairs and exhibition as well as other events.

Use the "Join" button to choose your level of membership (though this may take us a little while just at the moment as we are being affected by the internet outage in Rodborough!).

Once our Members' pages are all set up we will notify you and you can start to be an active member of the Cooperative! The Members' pages will be a community space for us to post about events, workshops, and lots more collaborative opportunities to get involved with.


£20 - Full Membership (and per subsequent year)

Free - Associate Membership

​(Members are automatically signed up to the Cooperative's Newsletter)


Or you can simply be a Community Member by signing up for our Newsletter here:

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