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Ceramics, Glass & Enamel


Jenny Nixon

Jenny trained in stained and fused glass in Singapore in the late 90s. She developed her knowledge with further courses and experimentation along with additional training in silverwork and furniture restoration. Although she loves each creative discipline, her greatest joy is combining them into a new and exciting design, taking inspiration from the natural beauty in the local Cotswold area.


Simon FitzGerald

I am a self taught artist. I enjoy all aspects of pottery. I have recently started to sculpt in clay, and have helped with moulding and casting of sculptures.


Maggie Howe

I am a Stroud based artist and am pleased to be a member of The Thursday Group and Stroud Pottery as I like to work alongside other artists. Last year I made some large collages and some very satisfactory ceramic forms. This year my focus is on producing work that allows me to tell a story, using ceramics, the book form and printing.


Judith James

I am still experimenting as an artist in different mediums and find I really enjoy painting large canvasses. I am lucky to live close to nature in the wonderful Gloucestershire countryside, which inspires my wildlife photography, and my art. Recently I have taken an interest in ceramics, enjoying creating in 3D items that can go in gardens, and sometimes featuring birds and nature.


Eva Pollard

Eva creates kiln-formed glass art, homeware and jewellery under the brand Eva Glass Design. Her work is designed to interact with natural light to bring patterns of colour to interiors. Eva is inspired by nature, line and colour; and uses principles of balance and proportion in her designs which allows them to bring a harmonious feel to interiors.


Jem O'Carroll

I focus on making enamelled works of still-life, landscape, architecture and figurative pieces. The medium is opaque vitreous enamel powder sifted onto copper sheet using stencils, sgraffito, wet-lay, freehand and water kiln fired to 800°c


Nigel Calvert

I am a blown glass artist. I was trained by Peter Layton and now make work at the Bristol Blue foundry. My work uses colour and designs that allow the glass to follow the form it takes with lots of scalding, coaxing and cajoling into vessels with coherent internal designs.


Brian Anderson

I mostly make "pots" of various descriptions but also enjoy working with other materials and creating unique sculptures.
I work at Cirencester College as an Art & Design technician, so time available for my craft is limited, but I am a member of the Enigmatics group and being part of the community gives great encouragement all round.

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