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Catherine Jones

Catherine has been an artist since childhood, always painting at home and hiding in the art block at school...she finally went to art school a few years ago and was awarded a distinction for her MA. She spends most of her time working in 2D, painting drawing and pattern making as well as painting furniture and murals. She loves teaching and sharing her passion for creativity.

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Khyati Parmar

I am Khyati Parmar, from Mumbai, India and recently moved to Stroud. I am creatively inclined towards painting with multimedia, designing something from nothing – everything is my canvas, that includes clothes, house, office, clinic, hair, nails... I am eager to join in this vibrant art communities to introduce my flavour of thoughts and bring colours, love, light, from my rich cultural Indian origin.

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Louise Abel

Louise creates contemporary watercolours with mixed media, painting utopian scenes of peace, solitude and nature. As an autistic person with sensory processing difficulties and frequent sensory overload, she finds comfort in the tiny remote houses often seen in her work and the nature of simplicity and repetition. Described as "a hit of dopamine" and “a visual treat”. Louise hopes to evoke a sense of joy and serenity in an otherwise chaotic world.

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Sue Trickey

"It is true for me that art can speak where words often fail" I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in Gloucestershire. I have always loved art but now have the time to really develop and follow my passion. I love to create imaginative, original artwork designs on different themes. My inspirations are nature, wildlife, history, faith, hope, emotions, love, poetry and music.

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