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Decorative Items


Sue Trickey

"It is true for me that art can speak where words often fail" I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in Gloucestershire. I have always loved art but now have the time to really develop and follow my passion. I love to create imaginative, original artwork designs on different themes. My inspirations are nature, wildlife, history, faith, hope, emotions, love, poetry and music.


Louise Abel

Louise's art takes many forms and she has always felt a strong need to create beauty wherever possible. Finally having the opportunity to become a full-time artist, she is focusing on contemporary watercolours with mixed media, painting utopian scenes of peace, solitude and nature.


Jenny Nixon

Jenny trained in stained and fused glass in Singapore in the late 90s. She developed her knowledge with further courses and experimentation along with additional training in silverwork and furniture restoration. Although she loves each creative discipline, her greatest joy is combining them into a new and exciting design, taking inspiration from the natural beauty in the local Cotswold area.

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