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Digital Art & Surface Design

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Annie Edwards

Annie is a multimedia artist and lecturer for Stroud School of Art. Her work acts as a diagnostic tool for understanding the body’s ever-changing physical and psychological states. Annie’s materials and processes embody intense, universally emotional experiences. She provokes a sense of unease, compassion and empathy in the act of revealing her vulnerabilities, mutually empowering and connecting both artist and viewer.

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Clare Hines

I love the use of colour and how it can uplift the spirit - most of my work is lighthearted and (hopefully) joyous! I started in digital art for fabric and surface pattern design, but more recently moved to acrylics, ink and watercolour. I am always learning...

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Stroud Digital Artist and published cartoonist. February 2020 Lockdown and with time on my hands I’ve created over hundred digital collages. Created from vintage comic covers, old newspaper articles, hieroglyphs, geometric religious symbolism and a little bit of magic. Follow me via my Facebook page @comicartbyblzbob for weekly instalments of my cartoon strip and my latest digital collage.

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Haruko Boot

Haruko Boot comes from the concrete jungle of Osaka, Japan which is a huge contrast to the rural pastures of Stroud. Her main media is pen & pencil, also acrylic paint but she sometimes likes to go vivid with digital experiments too. Inspired by the Japanese Manga she grew up with, she creates her own original characters and incorporates them into her artwork.

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Bill Crooks

My art has evolved from using cartoons and illustrations in the field of humanitarian aid, to experimenting with digital art, charcoal and acrylics. I have been involved with refugees and asylum seekers in creating art together to capture their experiences and hopes for the future. My interaction with them has always inspired me to try new ideas and styles.

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Josh O'Brien

My name is Josh O’Brien. I’m a character designer, visual development artist and picture maker working
within animation and illustration. I’m a simple man, on a simple quest; to make sense of myself and the
world around me through art and storytelling.
I live in the Cotswolds, UK with my animal pals and my incredible wife.
Mostly I like to be useful.

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Christopher Silk

My name is Chris. I live and work in Kingsway, taking a lot of inspiration from my local area. I grew up in the Cotswolds and continue to find this part of the country a huge inspiration.
I also take inspiration from the Swiss Alps, a location my Father regularly visits. I paint mainly in oils, but also in acrylic, gouache and pencil sketch.

An example of their work

Wedad Alamin

Wedad is half Jordanian half Polish, and always felt torn between two worlds. Through her art, she creates her own “nationality“. Her paintings focus on the play of lights and shadow, trying to present unique beauty amongst the ugliness. She is inspired by the human body and its beauty, always striving to present it as an integral entirety with spirit and soul - a full package of expression.

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