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An example of their work

Wioletta Quill

Photography to me is telling the story without the words. I am a passionate photographer who likes to capture the special moments in life. I appreciate the small details that make each day unique. I love taking photos of Stroud’s beautiful landscapes and also capturing all those precious and memorable moments in life. I love art and in my spare time I enjoy painting too.

An example of their work

Judith James

I am still experimenting as an artist in different mediums and find I really enjoy painting large canvasses. I am lucky to live close to nature in the wonderful Gloucestershire countryside, which inspires my wildlife photography, and my art. Recently I have taken an interest in ceramics, enjoying creating in 3D items that can go in gardens, and sometimes featuring birds and nature.

An example of their work

Jo Howe

I am an artist in Gloucester. My 2021 collection includes Angels on canvases. I am currently planning my 2022 collection “Cotswold” with Wioletta Quill (a Stroud photographer). I run art clubs in schools; have eco craft projects as “2 crazy crafters”; enjoy experimenting. In January 2020 I won an Abstract competition in ‘Oleśnica Dwurnikiem’

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