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Annie Edwards

Annie is a multimedia artist and lecturer for Stroud School of Art. Her work acts as a diagnostic tool for understanding the body’s ever-changing physical and psychological states. Annie’s materials and processes embody intense, universally emotional experiences. She provokes a sense of unease, compassion and empathy in the act of revealing her vulnerabilities, mutually empowering and connecting both artist and viewer.

An example of their work

Liney Hill

I paint in oils. Landscape, life drawing, & portraiture. I enjoy painting plein air, when I get the opportunity. I live on my fathers farm at Ewen, near The Thames. I have a studio in one of the farm buildings, and I'm often joined by arty/creatives.

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Chris James

Currently working with oil, acrylic, mixed media, pencil and ink - work covers any topic from industrial to natural to urban. Mostly working in and around Stroud, Cheltenham and Gloucester. Visual marks make their way onto clay, porcelain and more recently wooden sculpture (current piece hanging from Studio 18’s ceiling). In 2019 the large mural in the Eastcombe Bus Shelter was created.

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Nigel Calvert

I am a blown glass artist. I was trained by Peter Layton and now make work at the Bristol Blue foundry. My work uses colour and designs that allow the glass to follow the form it takes with lots of scalding, coaxing and cajoling into vessels with coherent internal designs.

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Ewen Hyde

My work is constantly evolving through experimentation, but primarily 3D and kinetic sculpture. Usually this is comprised of salvaged scrap and found objects – often the nature of the materials providing the inspiration for the work itself. It gives me enormous satisfaction to create something from nothing with just a little imagination and hard work...

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Rosa Davis

I have been making and exhibiting my work all my life, I’m now 77 and more limited in what I can do. I have always done figurative work in various mediums, currently felt soft sculpture. For many years I was on the Craft Council’s Index of Makers, and in the 1980’s I had work bought by several museums.

An example of their work

Khyati Parmar

I am Khyati Parmar, from Mumbai, India and recently moved to Stroud. I am creatively inclined towards painting with multimedia, designing something from nothing – everything is my canvas, that includes clothes, house, office, clinic, hair, nails... I am eager to join in this vibrant art communities to introduce my flavour of thoughts and bring colours, love, light, from my rich cultural Indian origin.

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