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Recommendations from our Members

This is a list of services, supplies and resources recommended by our Members.

We hope you will find it useful!

Printers: Cards

  • Facsim in Cirencester (Nick Decarles)

  • Wheatley Printers in Thrupp (Kev)

  • N&P Print - Woodchester (Nick)

Paints & Paper

  • Pegasus in Brimscombe

  • Jackson's Art - edge of Gloucester

  • James & Owen - in Stroud have a selection of materials

  • White Knight - a reasonable Russian watercolour paint

  • Cranfield - local maker! High quality pigments

Public Liability Insurance

Affiliated Local Art Groups

  • Spillmans Collective

  • Rodborough Collective

  • The Enigmatics

  • The Thursday Club

  • Amberley Artisans

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