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Join the Cooperative.

As a local artist, you can join as a Full Member or an Associate Member. Associate Membership is free, simply complete the form below. To be a Full Member and get all the benefits, simply complete the form AND use the Paypal button below to pay the £20 first year membership fees.

Complete this form.

Check your email for a reply from us with more information (this may take a little while as we are run by volunteers - but it may end up in your junk mail!)

Pay for your Full Membership here:

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How would you describe your work?
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Once we have received your payment we will be in contact to get details to finalise your details on our website listing. 

By registering you agree to the Cooperative Community Guidelines.

We will contact you about membership renewals after the first year.

Thanks for joining!

By completing the form you accept that we will store your information. This will not be shared with any third party and we agree to deleted all record of your details upon request, as per GDPR guidelines.
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