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Woodruff's Exhibitions

Every month there will be new mini-exhibition of art upstairs at Woodruffs Organic cafe featuring artists of the Cooperative


Come along and enjoy the atmosphere of wonderful art and excellent coffee and pastries!


Each month will see a different artists or artists featured on the walls of the upstairs room.


All of the art will be for sale...

Stroud High Street - Chris James

This month's featured artists: April '24

Alice Hutt - artist


This inspiration provides the basis for both abstract paintings and highly detailed observational studies. I use a variety of different media to create my work and nothing is off limits. In seeking to be as sustainable as possible

Through my life long fascination with nature, geology and the earth, I explore the intricate patterns, shapes, colours and textures that are found within the natural world.


within my practice, I create my own paints, pigments and inks from the raw materials I find around me.

Through the processes of grinding, mashing, mulling, stewing and straining, I experience a strong connection to nature that is deeply grounding and connects me to the earth. My work is always evolving and growing; I am always in flux and open to new ideas.

Louise Abel - artist

Louise creates soothing utopias, usually removing nearly all human-made structures from real life landscapes to provide an antidote to the chaos of modern life.

Her peaceful yet vibrant scenes help her to survive the world and calm her sensory overload and anxious autistic brain, often benefitting from the therapeutic effects of simplicity and repetition showing up as patterns in her work.


Schedule of featured artists:

May '24   Vanessa Vincero and Clare Hines

Jun '24:   Lindsay Treen and Catherine Jones

Jul  '24:   Jo Howe and Wioletta Quill

Aug '24:   Diane Young and Tania Fullerton

Sep  '24:   Louise Abel and Flora Martin

Oct '24:   Jacqui Hammond and Gill Cox

Nov '24   Yvonne Wood and Sam Bates

Dec '24    Chris James and Patricia Goode

Jan' 25   Claire Ash and Sarah Granville

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