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Woodruff's Exhibitions

Every month there will be new mini-exhibition of art upstairs at Woodruffs Organic cafe featuring artists of the Cooperative


Come along and enjoy the atmosphere of wonderful art and excellent coffee and pastries!


Each month will see a different artists or artists featured on the walls of the upstairs room.


All of the art will be for sale...

Stroud High Street - Chris James

This month's featured artists: December '23

Maggie Smith: artist

I am a mixed media landscape painter working mainly with watercolour and acrylic inks but often the use of materials such as pastel and inktense pencils.

I paint semi abstract landscapes inspired by the countryside around my home near Sheepscombe or photographs taken on holiday.

Maggie Smith-Peters-Pool.jpg
Maggie Smith-Pathway.jpg

I enjoy using my imagination, often departing from the reality of the scene before me. I work primarily wet on wet, letting my materials flow and mix, embracing happy accidents and interpreting what they represent.

Catherine Jones - artist

I finally went to art school as a very mature student having had my first piece of art exhibited in a London gallery age 41.

 I love exploring the landscape and nature and use it as the starting point of both my figurative and abstract work.I love sharing my knowledge and run regular workshops- in particular I enjoy teaching beginners and those who don't think they can make art.

 The world would be a better place if we all relaxed and created! I also love exploring new ways and techniques to make art especially methods that are easy to share with others.


Schedule of featured artists:

Jan '24:     Sarah Granville and Leila Brian

Feb '24:    Kirsty Tallon and Mike Bowers

Mar '24:   Bharathy Sanker and Haruko Boot

Apr '24:   Sue Bateman and Alice Hutt

May '24   Vanessa Vincero and Clare Hines

Jun '24:   Lindsay Treen and Catherine Jones

Jul  '24:   Jo Howe and Wioletta Quill

Aug '24:   Diane Young and Tania Fullerton

Sep  '24:   Louise Abel and Flora Martin

Oct '24:   Jacqui Hammond and Gill Cox

Nov '24   Yvonne Wood and Sam Bates

Dec '24    Chris James and Patricia Goode

Jan' 25   Claire Ash and Clare Lewis Knight

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