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Woodruff's Exhibitions

Every month there will be new mini-exhibition of art upstairs at Woodruffs Organic cafe featuring artists of the Cooperative


Come along and enjoy the atmosphere of wonderful art and excellent coffee and pastries!


Each month will see a different artists or artists featured on the walls of the upstairs room.


All of the art will be for sale...

Stroud High Street - Chris James

This month's featured artists: July '24

Wioletta Quill - artist

Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 10.58.57.png

Wioletta presents her close up on nature through the seasons, with sharp macro photographs of raindrops; colours and textures. She has captured nature at her best during her dawn walks around Stroud.

Screen Shot 2024-07-01 at 10.59.42.png

Joanna Howe - artist

Joanna shares her whimsical colourful cats - inspired by vintage circus posters. This collection was commissioned by an art collector. Only limited edition prints are available, plus a few lino prints of cats also recently created.

f9ece685-be70-4b5d-b2e2-e9c6bacdfc62 2.jpg

Schedule of featured artists:

Aug '24:   Diane Young and Tania Fullerton

Sep  '24:   Louise Abel and Flora Martin

Oct '24:   Jacqui Hammond and Gill Cox

Nov '24   Yvonne Wood and Sam Bates

Dec '24    Chris James and Patricia Goode

Feb  '25:   Sue Bateman  and Alice Hutt

Mar '25:   Chris James and Richard Gibbs

Apr  '25:   Catherine Jones and Wiola Quill

May '25:   Marisa Tommasini ans Stuart Lennie

Jun '25:   Joanna Howe and Kirsty Tallon

Jul  '25:   Wedad Alamin and Kate Greenaway

Aug '25:   Claire Ash and Diane Young

Sep '25:   Michelle Field and Diana Tormey

Oct '25:   Jacqui Hammond and Sarah Granville

Nov '25:   Haruko Boot and Clare Hines

Dec '25:   Maggie Smith and Richard Gibbs

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