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Monochrome Exhibition - 100 Shades...

Invitation to artists to submit to an exhibition at Lansdown Gallery. Stroud

Stroud Artists Cooperative invites you to submit to our Members' Exhibition at Lansdown Gallery, Stroud.

25th October - 29th September2024, 10am - 4pm.

There will be a late night viewing Friday 27th, 6pm - 8pm. 

We would like this event to be a brilliant opportunity for Associate and Full Member* to show work they have created that meets the exhibition theme criteria. This is a themed Exhibition.


For the purposes of this exhibition, monochrome is defined as: Black & White , or featuring only one colour eg sepia photography, Cyanotypes or art created using tones and shades of one colour - this can tend to very dark (almost black) to very light (almost white), but its unlikely any piece will not be accepted because it does have black, white and one major colour (as long as it is obviously along the spectrum of shades for that colour).

Ceramics and textiles will be acceptable as will digital art, sculpture and other forms of art as long as they can demonstrable be called monochrome.

There will be a handling fee upon selection of work to help us cover the cost of the exhibition. Fees will be:

     £15 for Full Members / £25 for Associate Members

We request payment before the exhibition, we will email you a confirmation of selection; cost and details of how to pay.

We have set some restrictions for submissions to enable us to manage such a diverse group of artists. 


  • Dimensions for artwork for the Gallery must be no larger than 100x100cm, 2D and 3D work.

  • If it is larger, please contact us.

  • If your work is framed it MUST have a clear safe way of hanging the work, if work is not ready to hang it will not be included during the curation day.  If your work is not framed, we will attach hanging clips to hang as flat unframed art.

  • Work must be an original piece - and ideally your most preferred piece!

  • Please offer to invigilate at one of the galleries - this only works if we support our Coop!

Additional items for sale:

We will also accept additional items for sale in the Gallery from all exhibitors - these can include, prints; cards; sketches etc

If you have any questions please contact the cooperative with the subject line EXHIBITION SUBMISSION.

ALL items must be clearly labelled with your name and sale price (we will not do stock control).


Application Process:

You may submit up to two pieces for the Gallery Exhibition, we will select AT LEAST one from this and confirm via email.

Please complete the form - without this information, mistakes can be made. This provides all the label and pricing information and the information that goes into the exhibition catalogue.

Key Dates:

  • 5th August - Submission opens

  • Submit via this form: update form

  • 5th September - Submission Closes

  • by 13th September - Selection Notification 

  • Gallery Delivery of work: Monday 23rd 5-7pm; Tuesday 24th 10-12 (please organise with other group members if this is not possible. Otherwise contact Jessy)

  • 25th September - Gallery Opens :

  • 27th September (Friday) - Late-night viewing 6-8pm

  • Collection of work: Sunday 29th 4-5 or Monday 30th 10-12

Please make sure you have read all information, terms and conditions, and are available for the key dates. Please ensure all information is correct before submission. All images must be clearly named with the name of the artist and the title of the artwork. Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted. We will contact you to confirm the pieces are selected (this will be determined by the total number of items submitted as there is a finite limit). We recommend that you check your spam folder before contacting us regarding your submission.

We expect artists to help invigilate the exhibitions. Please sign up for a slot when you would like to invigilate (new system, only select slots you would like to cover.) Click Here: update poll

The Stroud Artists Cooperative reserves the right to not accept work on delivery due to the inability to hang the work, improper labelling, or failure to pay the handling fee. Lansdown Gallery and Stroud Artists Cooperative reserve the right to cancel the exhibition due to circumstances beyond our control. In this event, if payment has already been made, artists will be fully refunded.

*For administration purposes Stroud Artists Cooperative will assume that unless already a member, exhibitors are Associate Members and listed as such in our membership list. Only Full or Associate members are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

Full membership is £20 for the first year. Associate membership is free. Please click here to find out more and join. 

Terms and Conditions:

A commission of 20% on all sales will be taken.

  • Work submitted for exhibiting must be the artwork of the artist named on the submission/ application form and must be original artwork (not a reproduction print)

  • The decision as to whether or not artworks are selected for the exhibition is final. This will not be up for discussion or negotiation. The selection process will be fair and all works will be judged purely on individual merit. Work that has been successful and selected for the exhibition must remain in the gallery until the closing date.

  • All information of sales will be collected so that the artists can be notified. Lansdown Hall & Gallery will take payment that will be passed on to the artists within 30 days of the end of the exhibition.


Copyright and Promotion

Copyright of the artworks submitted remains with the artist. However, by submitting an application form and agreeing to the terms and conditions set out, the artist gives permission for their work to be used for the promotional purposes of Lansdown Gallery and Stroud Artists Cooperative, for the exhibition both online and in print. Please do not submit images with watermarks or any form of copyright mark as we will not be able to use these within our promotional material. Examples of ways in which your work may be used for promotional purposes include:

Online – Adverts and Online Press, Online Catalogue, Social Media, etc.

In Print – Exhibition Catalogue/Brochure, Leaflets/Posters, Advertising and Press (Magazines and Newspapers), etc.

Insurance and Damage to Artwork

The utmost care will be taken of artworks once delivered for the exhibition; however neither Lansdown Gallery, Stroud Artists Cooperative, nor its staff will be responsible for any loss or damage of artworks whilst they are in the gallery’s possession. If exhibitors are concerned for the welfare of their work, exhibitors must make their own arrangements regarding insurance.


Please Note all costs of transporting/delivering the artworks to the Gallery are the responsibility of the Artist. Just as we do not accept liability for damages on the premises, the Gallery or Cooperative does not accept any responsibility/liability for damage to artwork whilst being transported and delivered to the premises.

Sale of Work

A commission rate of 20% on sales will be applied and retained at this rate for this exhibition; please remember to factor this percentage into the pricing of your artworks. The price stated on the submission form is the retail/sale price; please include the commission % within this price.

Collecting your Work

Unsold work can be collected as detailed above. If a third party is collecting unsold work on your behalf then please let us know beforehand by sending us an email. 


Please note, if any work submitted has not been collected within two weeks after the closing date of the exhibition, we reserve the right to dispose of the artwork without prior notice to the artist. In the case that you are unable to collect your work please notify us by email so that we can have items posted to you (postage to be paid by the artist).

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